Work passionately towards your goals and make your dreams come true!

I haven’t blogged in a while and figure I’m due for some updates here!  So much has gone on in my life over the past year I’m not even sure where to begin.  But despite the many changes, one thing has remained consistent, my dedication to my craft; my physique.  Despite the chaos of kids, work, home and surgery, I’ve stayed focused on my fitness goals and I honestly believe that they have been the glue that keeps me together.

Circling back a bit; I have changed my area of work 3 times over the past 5 years!  Not because I’m a job hopper but because I pretty much gave up my “career” to stay home with my boys, now 11 & 7 years old.  As former Branch Manager in Banking who climbed the corporate ladder to a lofty 2nd level VP of Customer Experience for JP Morgan Chase, I was pretty much a fish out of water as a stay at home mom.  I did not start out as a “maternal” type! Lol   Trying to navigate home, kids and some income opportunities as they fit within the scheme of motherhood has been a challenge and not a very exciting one to say the least. 

Finding fitness and brining my body back from the brinks of what I felt was just a hot mess, changed quite a bit for me.  I not only began competing in the  NPC Figure category, but also started focusing all of my career desires towards the fitness industry.  My dream job, as made up in my mind, was to be a project manager once again, but instead of in banking, within the sports nutrition industry.  Did that even exist? I thought, likely not.. but why not dream anyway..

I have worked long and hard to build up my name and reputation.  Always focusing on meeting and networking with people; all in hopes of someday, becoming a representative of some great giant in the industry.   Then, just as I felt that I was beginning to see glimmers of progress, a shoulder injury reared up on me in April 2013.  I thought for sure that I was about to watch everything that I had worked so hard for disappear.  How could I compete, model and train myself and others?  What was I going to do? Well, certainly not give up!

My new focus became rehabbing my shoulder while getting my website up and running and continuing my focus on clients.  I altered my training style to maintain my conditioning so that I could compete one last time before surgery and possibly get some modeling shoots out of the way.  The plan was to undergo surgery in September 2013 and then use my down time to work with my online clients and continue to build my website.  But all of my plans were changed suddenly and by complete chance.  A contact that I had made while inquiring about booth work for the 2013 Olympia turned into a work opportunity for an open sales position in a sports nutrition company.  I thought, sure… okay…I’ve been in sales and managed sales all of my life. This might be a great step for me.   Little did I know, there was a project manager position also available with my name written all over it!  They had been interviewing for this open position for over 6 months.. I never knew…  And when it was offered to me, I could barely believe that it even existed.

Happily, I have now restarted my “career” path with MHP!  I work in the R&D division and absolutely LOVE what I do and everything that we stand for.  Since my role started in September, I had to forgo surgery for a bit in order to acclimate to my new role. However, this also afforded me a little more time for photo shoots as well as to focus on my own personal online coaching business. 

I had surgery in January 2014. What we thought was a labrum tear actually turned out to be a biceps tear.  My biceps tendon was peeling off the bone at the point of shoulder insertion and so the surgeon removed it and tacked it down a little lower on the bone.  It’s been a long and slow recovery… It’s been frustrating and painful… and frustrating.  Did I mention “frustrating”?  ;)

At this time, I’m still rehabbing and training lightly.  But I’m hopeful and  now very focused on competing again.  I am an active athlete for MHP as well as their R&D Project Manager and so that translates into having my cake and “having” to eat it too! Lol  Well…, that’s written jokingly as I clearly love what I am doing here at MHP.  I am living my dream… and loving every minute of it and in spite of all of the hurdles that I’ve had to jump to get to them.   

To anyone reading this who may be feeling down about how long and hard you’ve been working towards your own dreams, keep at it!  Keep believing and working towards your goals.  I once dared to dream of the very job that I have today.  It didn’t come to me out of luck, it came to me out of time and effort and practice and application!  I worked as a manager and project manager for 18 years. I’ve trained hard and put in a great deal of time and effort into my training and physique.  Hard work does pay off!  I feel blessed and happy to be able to say that when you truly believe in yourself and work passionately towards your dreams, they do actually come true!