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“How I got started…

For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in athletic physiques. I remember watching gymnastics and ice skating on TV wishing I could be like one of those girls. In real life however, my athleticism was confined to street games such wiffle ball, murder ball and man hunt!  Then, one day following a conversation about fitness, my high school gym teacher introduced me to the weight room and my love for the art of bodybuilding was born.

“Life and career choices.”

Always wanting to work and make my own way, I began a long and fulfilling career in banking immediately following high school. While attending college part time, I worked my way up from the teller window to branch management and finally, an executive level position where I managed “customer experience” for JPMorgan Chase. I was still training every day despite my hectic life schedule.

“Life changed suddenly for me….I had gained upwards of 60lbs.”

Then, one day in 2003, life changed suddenly and both my career and gym time came to screeching halt. I was half way through my first pregnancy when it was discovered that I was in premature labor and no longer physically capable of being on my feet.  I was placed on full bedrest for the duration of my pregnancy. By the time I delivered my healthy bouncing full term baby boy, I had gained upwards of 60 lbs.  I had no sooner dieted off the “baby” weight when my second bouncing baby boy was conceived.  Add another full term bed rest to the equation and by the time I delivered my second baby, my body was well beyond the point of recognition.  Getting back to where I was would take a total commitment!  But did I have the time?

(Photos below: the 40 year old me vs. the 44 year old me)

before after

A new chapter in my life… “I turned 40 in the worst shape of my life.”

I turned 40 in March, 2009 in the worst shape of my life.  With ten years of fit time lost, I had my work cut out for me. I was miserable about how I looked and yet it took me the better part of that year to commit to the change.  I couldn’t get out of my own way of house, kids, chores, time.  Then one day, I just said enough.  I knew what I wanted out of my body and I was determined to make it happen.   Soon, I was envisioning a new life, competing, modeling and working in the fitness industry.

(Photos below: My first figure competition and Pro Card win at age 42)


“I entered my first show…I won my figure class and a pro card…”

I entered my first figure competition in April of 2012.  It was a pro qualifying event with a natural and tested bodybuilding organization, the INBF.  I won my figure class and a WNBF Pro Card!  I discovered that while I really enjoyed competing, there was a bit too much out of state travel in my new pro organization.  I made the decision to move forward competitively with the NPC on an amateur scale so that I could compete locally.

The NPC is quality organization and I have enjoyed much success with them. Having competed in seven NPC events since 2012, I have enjoyed four 1st place wins including a Pro Card win at the prestigious NPC Universe in 2015. I’m  excited about this new chapter and look forward to the road ahead representing the IFBB.

Photo below: Earning my IFBB Pro Card at age 46 (NPC Universe, July 2015)

NPC Universe

Photo below: Competing as an IFBB Figure Pro at age 47 (NY Pro, May 2016)

NY Pro

I thank you for visiting my page and taking the time to read my story.  Please come back and visit often!

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